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Good Morning Magic

May 29, 2020

Working at Wizards of the Coast, I see a lot of wonky Commander decks - and Corey Bowen's modular Marchesa deck is one of beauty! Check it out as he gives a deck tech on how exactly this thing works!

Thank you to Corey Bowen for coming on and sharing his deck with us! You can follow him on Twitter...

May 27, 2020

A question I get a lot as someone who works at Wizards of the Coast on Magic: what decks do we all play? So today, I ask six fellow Wizards about some of their favorite decks! There's everything from wild commander decks to sentimental Modern decks - take a look! Many thanks to the following 6 people for taking time out...

May 27, 2020

One of my favorite features is Gatherer's "Random Card" button, which shows you a random card across all of Magic! Today I hit it three times, and talk about each of them! (And how these cards relate to my job on Magic at Wizards of the Coast.)

You can try it yourself at!

Article with the wrapup on...